Improving indoor air quality has always meant neutralizing bacteria and viruses

UVPhotoMAX is effective against many pathogens in air and on surfaces

Over 20 years of experience in air disinfection

Ultravation has been designing and manufacturing UV products for air and surface disinfection for more than 20 years, with installations in thousands of homes, businesses and institutions.

As the awareness of air treatment technologies has increased, including interest in UV-C light as a technology for disinfection, we are pleased to announce that we have had the efficacy of some of our most popular products confirmed by an independent testing lab, to reassure potential customers that Ultravation engineering calculations and measurements are accurate and dependable.


Independent testing confirms UVPhotoMAX efficacy against pathogens

Viral challenge studies were designed by the independent testing firm Innovative Bioanalysis, Inc. of Costa Mesa, California, to determine the efficacy of Ultravation products used for air and surface disinfection. The validation of the results is confirmed through tightly controlled conditions processes, all performed in accordance with industry and ASHRAE recommendations and guidelines.

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HVAC system and ductwork

Ultravation UV lights virus inactivation:

99.99% within 2-seconds*

Actual live virus (not surrogate) position: 6 inches from UV lamp

Ultravation UV Lights Independent Testing


PCO air purifier virus inactivation:

99.99% within 30 minutes*

Actual live virus (not surrogate) position: 82 inches from purifier

Ultravation Air Purifier Independent Testing

Pathogen Reduction


Deliberately tested under extreme conditions

Tested in conditions designed to exceed probable real-world scenarios.

High HVAC Airspeed

Airspeed across the purifier was 75% faster than typical HVAC air travel, resulting in very short UV virus exposure time.

High virus concentration with real—not surrogate—virus

38.3 million individual organisms were concentrated on test sheets, far exceeding the probability of the natural occurrence of the virus on a surface in nature.

Additional UV brings faster reduction of airborne pathogens

Take advantage of the benefits that adding a second UV lamp to the IAQ system brings to freshening the air.

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  • DOUBLE the exposure time of airborne pathogens with germicidal UV in a second location (in the area of the cooling coil).
  • INCREASE HVAC efficiency by UV-sterilizing the cooling coil, preventing bio-growth on its wet surfaces.
  • SAVE energy! Optimized cooling coil efficiency reduces the running time of the air conditioner.
  • PREVENT HVAC spawned allergens from bio-growth.


1) Innovative Bioanalysis, Inc. makes no claims about performance except the specific unit tested and for the specified experiment parameters.

2) The UVPhotoMAX™ air purifier is not a medical device and Ultravation makes no claim that it prevents or cures any disease. Ultravation does not claim or suggest this product replaces any other precaution that should be taken against airborne pathogens. All guidelines that the CDC, EPA and other official authorities might recommend should be followed.

*See complete results at

**Protected under U.S. Patent # 6,809,326B2 #6,838,057B2

***PCO FormulationU.S. Patent 6,429,169